Australian Austin 1800 Archives

"The Austin Quarterly" 1800 NEWSLETTER

The Canberra and District Austin 1800 Club and then the Landcrab Owners Club of Australasia LOCA produced a regular newsletter from 1989 to 2012. The founding editor, Mick Street was responsible for the first 43 issues. Daryl Stephens took over the editorship and production with the June/July issue in 1992 and thereafter for the next 20 years with six issues per year every year. A phenomenal achievement. Here, with Daryl's permission, is every copy of the LOCA newsletter. A wealth of entertainment and technical knowledge that is a lasting legacy for past, present and future Austin 1800 owners and other interested people.
All files in PDF format, approx 5 MB each. Each file contains issues for that year in searchable text.
Thanks to Keith Douglas who collected, collated and preserved these newsletters in such excellent condition.

Landcrab Owners Club of Australia Newsletter

#10 July 2015
Hydrolastic pump project
Torque converter, Ring gear, Headlamp flashers
Who Made It
Window Channel
Utility Wheel Arch Adjustment
Outrigger Mountings
Approach Angle
Interior Room and Body Dimensions

#11 October 2015
Hydrolastic pump project
50th Anniversary Australian Launch
Production Numbers
Factory Staff Listing
Cylinder Head Stud Washers
Body Stampings
Compression Ratios and Octane Ratings
Suspension Height Settings
Liquid Levers Hydrolastic Pump

#12 January 2016
Hydrolastic pump project
Displacer Failure/Cost of Hydrolastic pump
Roof Rack
Parts Bin
Cylinder Head Recondition
Thermostat Housing Stud
Rattles in the Engine Bay
Lord Nuffield Lunch

#13 April 2016
Hydrolastic pump project (final)
Starter Motor Recondition
Compression Ratio
Speedometer/Seat Belt Tensioner
Switch Markings
Mag Wheel
BMC Prices

#9 April 2015
Hydrolastic fluid
Hydrolastic connections
Hydrolastic ride height
Hydrolastic pump project Part 1
Product Watch: Drive Couplings
1912 Driver's licence
Auto Tranmission Cable oil leak repair
Austin 1800 Stickers
#8 December 2014
Confidential Service Information
Mechanical Fuel Pump Repair
Scam Watch
Slipflex Joint Replacement
Head studs and nuts
Austin 1800 Hatchback
Engine Paint Colour
Hy-Vo Chain
Z23 Oil Filters
Viscosity of Hydrolastic Fluid
Side Indicator Lamps
Readers' Cars
Production Numbers
#7 October 2014
Austin 1800 Utility Drawing
Designer Tells All - Issigonis
Hydrolastic Pressures
Noise Reduction
Spark Plug Leads
8000 to Perth and Back (Part 2)
Day/Night Relay
Trim Shop
Engine Shock Absorber
Power Unit Identification
Drawing Office Instructions

#6 July 2014
Air Vent Noise
Heater Unit
Klemke Motors
Tie Bar Rubbers
BMC Mobile Training Unit
8000 to Perth and Back
Crossroads Alice
The Real Aussie Ute
Torsion Bars
Revisiting the Austin 1800 V8
Lower Arm Bushes

#5 April 2014
Readers Cars: Port Lincoln
Baker Motors
Engine Rebore
Engine Vibrations
Engine Mounts
Profitability Study
The Real Aussie Ute
Rocker shaft, Fuel cap seal, Tail light
#4 December 2013
Wiper Motor Repair

Build-Cost Austin 1800

Speedometer Drive Repair

SU Carburetter

Vehicle Lifting Bracket

Valve Seat Recession

Ignition – High Voltage

The Real Aussie Ute

#3 October 2013  Distributor Testing
Engine Lifting
Smiths Gauges
Historic Marker
#2 July 2013
Hot Run Tested
The Austin 1800 V8
The Lucas Windtone Horn
Carpet Repair
Ekins Supercharged 1800
Z23 - Z9 Filter Conversion
#1 April 2013
Know your Car - guide to body and engine numbers
Rust - where it occurs and why
Parts Supplier Summary
Hydrolastic Hose Repair

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW