Australian Austin 1800 Archives
The best introduction to the Austin 1800 comes from Alec Issigonis himself:

"I am proud that in 1964 my team has been able to round off the front drive 'family' with the Austin 1800 which benefits from all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the past years. We retain the East to West layout with a new five bearing engine which once again drives down to four gears, transmitting power to the front wheels.

The independently sprung wheels are placed as near as possible at the four corners of the car. This contributes to accurate steering control and high standards of road holding.

As pioneers of bold projects in the past few years we have been most grateful to the support that we have received from all kinds of people all over the world. This new design consolidates our position in this field. We believe that this new car will set new standards for performance, economy, longevity, and comfortable travel for up to five people, with their luggage and personal effects.

Planned obsolescence is foreign to Austin thinking where engineering for economic long life is, and always has been, a first principle. Many of Lord Austin's cars are still giving useful service with thirty years life behind them. Ten years from now the new Austin 1800 will still have an up-to-date engineering specification." - Sir Alec Issigonis

We might well disagree. Not 10 years, but now over 50 years later, the Austin 1800 still has an up-to-date engineering specification.

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW