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Here are tips and tricks contributed by readers and members of the LOCA.
Readers Tips from the original Austin 1800 web site:
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Last Updated April 2013

If all is not going well, consider this Prayer for Austin 1800 Motorist
(from Beyond the Workshop Manual, LOCA)

The Austin is my transport, I shall not walk.
It makes me lie down on dirty roads, it sometimes breaks down.
It takes me to work, for my jobs sake.
Even though I drive through city and up the Hume Highway, I fear no breakdown, for the Austin is still purring.
The heater and demister, they comfort me.
I prepare a toolbox before it, in the presence of my neighbours.
I anoint its duco with polish.
My carbie overflows.
Surely oil smoke and tow trucks shall follow me all the days of my life,
and I shall drive in the seat of the Austin forever.

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