Australian Austin 1800 Archives


"Can't help you there mate" How many times do you hear it? Parts are hard to come by, especially if what you need is not used on another BMC car. Some new old stock items regularly appear on Ebay, and there are some commercial suppliers with some stock. If you have parts to sell, consider helping out other owners. Don't dump them, advertise them. You may be surprised as to what they're worth.
Tony Wood
(Landcrab Owners Club International U.K.)
Tony is still helping people in Australia and New Zealand with Landcrab parts. He has a good delivery service in Fedex and UPS and can sort most things out for people. Tony's service is excellent and prices very reasonable. Contact him directly at the email address above. If possible, state the exact part number required and the year and model of your car.

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW