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History - BMC AUSTIN 1800

The British Motor Corporation was formed as the result of a merger between the Morris and Austin companies in UK in 1952.
The British Motor Corporation in Australia was largely due to Lord Nuffield having purchased the Victoria Park site for Morris manufacture.
Building on the momentum established by the Mini (ADO 15) and Morris 1100 (ADO 16) the Austin 1800 (ADO 17) was the next logical step
Curiously, the car that was to become the 1800 was designed before the mini, in about 1956 and was known as XC9001. This was dropped while the mini was developed, and then the 1100, but eventually became the 1800.
Although announced in UK in 1964, it took another year of adaptation to local conditions before the 1800 went on sale in Australia. In Australia they were marketed as Austins, although in New Zealand, they are Morris's.
The MKII was introduced in Australia in 1968 although the early models had carry overs from the MKI (such as Girling brakes) and are often termed MK1 1/2. In 1972, the 1800 was replaced by the Kimberley and Tasman models which featured the E series 6 cylinder transverse engine. The Austin 1800 Utility was a uniquely Australian design produced towards the end of the MKI series in 1968 and continuing on until 1971.
BMC in Australia.
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The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW