Australian Austin 1800 Archives

Stories and Photos from our Readers

"Mechanically Speaking" by Herbert Simpfendorfer. In this article, Herb describes mechanical issues he experienced in his first solo trip around Australian in his Austin 1800 MK1.
"The Israeli Couple" by Herbert Simpfendorfer. Herb tells us about some fellow travellers he encountered in the remote part of South Australia.
Family motoring in the 70's. Bought in Jan 1970 as a demonstrator from White Nicholson , Balgowlah. Sold in 1978. Recorded as out of registration 1981.
1800 identity Herbert Simpfendorfer with four of his self-restored cars which were all originally found in paddocks - and in one case, in a river bed.
A series of informative articles by Julian Edgar on his restoration and modification of an 1800 utility.
More superb articles from Julian Edgar
In this article, Julian gives a very good argument for owning a classic car. Should be read by all.
Behind the scenes as to why the 1800 body shell is so stiff.
"Two Matches and One Egg" - a whimsical reflection from Herbert Simpfendorfer
"Cat Hearses" - by Herbert Simpfendorfer. Herb ponders the challenges of vehicle design.
Travel with Herb to outback Australia as he recounts his latest trip in his utility.
Travel with Herb for a few minutes down the Eucla pass, half way between Perth and Adelaide. (Quicktime format 25MB)
This fine series of photos from the 1980's chronicles the restoration of a young man's utility - purchased at the time for $300 and later sold for $1000. (Neil Charlesworth)
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Read about Wayne Sexton's amazing variety bash 1800.
At the South Australian Border Nov 1970
(Denis Robinson)

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