Australian Austin 1800 Archives

Gallery - cars and other items of interest

MKII Off the road for 30 years, 60K miles, now repainted and road registered.
Utility seen for sale some years ago Most utes are in this condition prior to restoration.
1800 station wagon - extensive conversion and detail. Asking price about $25,000. Estimated cost of work, about $40,000.
A utility in good condition. Was offered for sale for about $8k in Brisbane some years ago, advertised again in Perth 2 yrs later for $10K.
Good original MKII engine bay with nearly all parts present.
MKII Ute offered for sale some years ago for about $6K.
Exceptional MKII sedan. Came up for sale a while ago for about $5K.
Utility with rare bench seat
1800 Ambulance photographed about 2010. Another photo (not shown) indicates this car also has a sticker 3 - 87 reg.
Very clean MKII in Tas
Ambulance, Caption reads Factory custom built, only 2 in Australia. Reg 3 - 87. 
Campervan, Perth 2013
MKII Auto pictured in Sydney 2003, now believed to be in Vic.
Another well-executed campervan idea from New Zealand
MK1 Sedan at Bendigo 2013
These three different cars were offered for sale (Ebay 2013). Buyer to remove.
Kimberley Ute
MKII Sedan Adelaide 2013
2013 Late MKII Victoria
MKII Utility purchased for $150.
Original tool kit
MKII (late model) utility from Victoria
MKII Utility, Wollongong 2013
Utility with canopy - New Zealand
Bateman's Bay 2013
Bega, 2013
Wollongong 2013
Melbourne, 2013
Perth, 2013
Albury, 2013
Purchased by present owner new in 1970, presently 207000 miles
Wolesely undergoing restoration.
"Boris", a Morris.
Leicestershire, UK
Denmark (Morris 1800)
Austin 1800 wedding cake, Victoria
Taree NSW
Wadeville NSW
An unusual LHD model in a wrecking yard, San Francisco.
"Before", Nov 2013
Garage sale find, 2014
New Zealand
Rally 1800, MKI (above), Kimberley, and Austin 3L (below) - Garry Fry
Photographed south of Sydney
Origin unknown
Queens Park NSW
N.Z. Ute now in UK

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW