Australian Austin 1800 Archives
1800 Service Bulletins featuring searchable text. Thanks to Daryl Stephens, Patrick Farrell, Keith Douglas and Peter Jones
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Service Bulletins
Minutes of the Service Managers Meeting Feb 1969. A revealing account of issues faced by dealers in the field. Reproduced from the LOCA Newsletter 150 2009. 2.4 MB
Beyond the Workshop Manual (LOCA original document) 58 MB
Service Liaison Summaries - Confidential service information provided to factory service personnel and not avialable to dealers.


Listed here are documents pertaining to performance modifications for the 1800 for various rallys. This historical and most interesting compilation was made available by Patrick Farrell.
Disclaimer. These documents provide details for modifications to the Austin 1800 for rally purposes. The documents are provided for information only. The author of this web site makes no representation whatsoever in relation to the safety and applicability of these modifications to any car.

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW