Australian Austin 1800 Archives
"Building Cars In Australia", BMC-Leyland Australia Heritage Group, Halstead Press. A must-have book written by the people who worked at the BMC factory in Sydney. Many interesting pictures and chapters on the Victoria Park, Zetland plant.
"The Book of the BLMC 1800", Staton Abbey, Pitman Publishing. This is somewhat unusual for this style of book since it seems the author has done more than just regurgitate the workshop manual. There are some real gems of information in there. Mr Abbey has obviously had much experience with BMC cars.  
"Handbook for the BMC 1800", P. Olyslager, Nelson. This book is condensed version of the workshop manual. Handy reference with specifications for most mechanical jobs.


"Journeys with Gelegnite Jack" Evan Green, Rigby Limited, 1966. Classic book by well known author and BMC identity Evan Green.
"The Longest Drive of All" Paddy Hopkirk, Geoffrey Chapman London Dublin Sydney (1969) SBN 225-48860.4
"Leyland P76: Anything but Average", G. Farmer. The story of the design and development of the Leyland P76. It has extensive interviews with key people involved, including Peter North, the company's last Australian Managing Director, Barry Anderson, Graham Hardy, Roger Foy and Reg Fulford
P76 The Inside Story - by your very own webmaster, Tony Cripps. This book tells of the internal processes that led to the development, production and demise of the P76 and the BMC/Leyland factory at Victoria Park, Waterloo. Fascinating insight into the workings of BMC. Available from the BMC-Leyland Australia Heritage Group .

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW