Austins Over Australia

Port Stephens NSW - has been postoned to 2022

Austins Over Australia

What is Austins Over Australia?

Austins Over Australia, or AOA as we like to call it, is a National Rally where Austin owners and enthusiasts from across Australia come together. This even takes place every 2 years on the Easter long weekend and is hosted by a different Austin Club in a different part of the country each time.

The weekend consists of organised drives, car displays, visits to local places of interest and generally having an enjoyable time with like minded people. 

Images from AOA 2005 held in Warwick QLD

Where & when is the next one?
The next AOA will be held at Port Stephens NSW in 2022.
Further details to be advised in the near future.

Who can take part in it?
Anyone can take part in AOA, but you must pre-register to take part in the event. Owning or driving an Austin isn't a mandatory requirement.

Austins driving through Canberra
Austin Radiator Cap

For more information....
To be advised

Past AOA's ....
Take a look back at some past events.....


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