Australian Austin 1800 Archives
18G 98A Crankshaft spanner
18GA 134BD Timing case oil seal replacer
18G 134BQ Crankshaft rear oil seal replacer
18G 134BT Clutch shaft oil seal replacer
Support ring for above
Support ring for above
(click for larger image)
18GA 019 Lifting bracket
(See Technical Bulletin ST9/68E)
2A 329 Sling bracket



18GA 284 Impulse extractor  
18G 284A Impulse extractor Adaptor (Main Bearing Cap) 
18G 284D Impulse extractor "D" weight
18G 1046 Front engine cover centralizer
18G 134CA Idler gear needle bearing replacer
18G 284K Impluse extractor adaptor (idler gear needle bearing)
18G 1023 Clutch shaft spanner
18G 1027 Clutch centralizer
18G 1051 Protector sleeve (Clutch shaft oil seal)
18G 134P Differential bearing and end cover seal replacer
18G 257 Circlip pliers (large)
18G 1022 Final drive gear nut spanner
18G 284H/1 Impulse extractor adaptor (bearing remover - basic tool) 
18G 284H/2
18G 284H/3
18G 284H/4
18G 1024 Main shaft nut spanner (3rd motion shaft)
18G 284F Impulse extractor adaptor (first motion shaft)
18G 284J Bearing remover adaptor
18G 1026 Synchromesh assembly ring
18G 1029 Selector shaft assembly guides
18G 1064 Selection gauge (CV joint)
18GA 134BN Front and rear hub oil seal replacer
18G 703 Hydrolastic pump. Modern equivalents with and without suction facility are available.
18GA 134BP Front hub inner oil seal replacer
18GA 146 Hub extractor (modified version for 1800)
18G 1025 Swivel hub ball pin spanner
18G 1030/1 Steering rack ball joint spanner
18G 1030/2
18G 590 Disc brake piston and seal replacer. Available as a modern part for Landrover. Part No. LRT-70-500
18G 619A Brake adjusting spanner
18G 468 Glazing tool handle
18GA 468F Adaptor glazing tool
Note: The eye for a Mini has a narrower opening and will not suit the larger 1/2" strip used in an Austin 1800.
BW1 Hydraulic pressure gauge. Note, this is a high pressure gauge. A compression tester can also be used if the non-return valve is disabled.
18G 284AE Adaptor (Transmission pump)
BW37 Clutch spring compressor
18GA 677B Adaptor pressure test
BW 38B Pressure hose
BW 41A Rear clutch piston replacer
BW 42 Front clutch piston replacer
BW 548/2A Adaptor band adjuster. Available as a modern part from automotive tool suppliers.
TW1A Torque wrench
18GA 09 Output shaft bearing remover replacer
18G 1142A Suspension arm bush (upper) remover and replacer set (Slipflex)
18GA 024 Pivot pin assembly replacer (Silentbloc) 
Jacking bridge. See Service Bulletin ST4/66E for dimensions.
Flywheel housing adaptor. Use with slide hammer to withdraw housing. See Service Tool Bulletin ST8/68 for dimensions.
Clutch travel measurement tool. See Service Bulletin C9/66.
Front Hub Washer Service Bulletin C59/66
Body lift bracket See Service Bulletin ST5/68E

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW