Australian Austin 1800 Archives
Ever needed to make a gasket but can't find one to use as a pattern? Here we have a photo of all the main engine and transmission gaskets (including automatic) against a pegboard with 26 mm hole spacing to set the scale. Click on image for larger image.
24H111J Auto Trans Adaptor Plate
12H2226 Oil Pump Note, there are two types of oil pump. See also AYH225.
13H1310 Auto Trans Pan
13H2547 Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal
22H401 Manual Trans Final Drive upper (note, not the same shape as automatic).
37H4166 Auto Trans Transfer Case
Engine oil drain plug washer (copper)
AYA166 Speedometer Drive (check difference between MK1 and II)
AYA178 Transmission Ext housing plate
AYA446 Cylinder Head
AYH217 Manual Trans Ext Housing
AYH223 Rocker Cover
AYH224 Tensioner
AYH225 Oil Pump
AYH226 Manifold


37H1316 Auto Trans Engine Oil Pickup
37H1312 Auto Trans Pan (Valve body)
37H1289 Auto Trans Chain Cover
27H9495 Auto Trans Extension Housing
27H9452 Auto Trans Final Drive (top is different to manual trans).
22H9450 Auto Trans Case
22H956 Engine to Transmission Flange
AYG95 Oil Plug copper washer
AYG284 Front Crankshaft Oil Seal
AYH207 Timing Cover
AYH208 Crankcase Front Plate
AYH215 Trans Final Driver Lower
AYH235 Joint Bearing Cap (Rear) - thin cork strip
AYH234 Joint Bearing Cap (Front) - thick cork strip
AYH216 Final Drive End Covers
AYH3347 Adaptor Plate
AYH3081 Flywheel Cover
AYH3079 Manual Trans Idler Gear Cover
AYH3078 Manual Trans Drop Gears
AYH3076 Manual Trans Change Cables
AYH259 Tappet Cover Side Plate
AYH232 Water Pump

The Australian Austin 1800 Archives are made available by the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of NSW